It’s almost three years since the Xavier Catholic Education Trust was founded and everyone continues to work hard to achieve the plans laid out and agreed by the the Directors, the Headteachers and the Chairs of Governors.  We are determined not to sit on our laurels and the journey carries on as we ‘Strive for Excellence’.

  • Every child will receive an excellent education
  • We will recruit, develop and retain the best people
  • We will support out schools by providing exceptional central services
  • Our Catholicity is at the core of everything we do
  • We are financially robust and provide value for money
  • We will maintain high levels of service whilst expanding

1- Every child will receive an excellent education


What will we do?


What will success look like?


Who will monitor it?






We will monitor standards in our schools every term to ensure results improve each year

a.        More of our schools in top 10% nationally

b.        All schools have positive value added in every measure

c.        Every measure is in top 50% in Surrey and nationally in all schools

d.        The gap between disadvantaged children and others is less than national figures in every school

e.        Top of the MAT league tables



Risk and audit committee




Our plans will ensure every child receives a broad and balanced curriculum

a.        Teaching and learning reviews identify no curriculum gaps

b.        Strong leadership for every subject across the MAT

c.        Feedback indicates an engaging curriculum


Risk and audit committee




We will ensure every child has opportunities for extra- curricular activities and trips

a.       All children involved in school outside the formal curriculum

b.       All schools provide a ranges of clubs and trips


Risk and audit committee






We will carry out annual teaching and learning reviews of all schools

a.        Any teachers requiring support have a bespoke training plan

b.        Excellent teachers are identified and utilised

c.        All INSET and training is planned to address needs identified


Risk and audit committee









We will share the excellent practice that exists in our schools

a.        All primary teachers visit another school to see an open lesson

b.        All primary teachers will see excellence in their year group team in another school

c.        All teachers have access to on line resources and lesson plans

d.        The teaching and learning website is widely used to support pedagogy

e.        Departments in secondary schools share resources and work together sharing best practice


Risk and audit committee




We will share Target Tracker data termly

a.        All schools benchmark  and share ideas and practices

b.        All underperformance is tackled termly

c.        None of our schools or groups of children are left behind


Risk and audit committee





We will set aspirational targets for all staff re pupil progress

a.        Headteacher reviews note improvement in pupil progress (for all schools not in top 10%)

b.        Pupil progress is linked to pay progression for all staff

c.        The gap between the highest and lowest performing schools reduces each year


Risk and audit committee





We will ensure there are robust self-evaluation procedures in all our schools

a.        All schools have a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses and have taken steps to address them

b.        LGC know their schools and are actively involved in school improvement


Board meeting




We will raise aspirations of all schools not yet in top 10% in Surrey or nationally

a.        All schools aware that joining Xavier means striving for excellence

b.        Schools in Xavier understand that” good isn’t good enough”


Board meeting




We will develop a first class communications program

a.        Feedback  about  Xavier is universally positive

b.        Feedback indicates the website is useful and well used

c.        More applications for jobs

d.        More trainees on teach south east


HR committee




We will conduct research annually to obtain feedback on our performance

a.        All groups of stakeholders support Xavier

b.        Results from Surveys indicate stakeholders are positive about the performance of the MAT


Board meeting




We will provide support for the mental health and wellbeing of children and adults in the MAT

a.       All children and adults feel supported

b.       Everyone is more knowledgeable and has a range of strategies to help cope


HR committee




We will provide every child with equal opportunities regardless of their sex, nationality, colour or religion


a.       Every child is given the same access to all our educational provision

b.       We celebrate the diverse community we serve


Board meeting


2 – We will recruit, develop and retain the best people



What will we do?


What will success look like?


Who will monitor it?





We will develop a proactive recruitment campaign for all our schools ensuring equality of opportunity to everyone

a.         We have a high quality recruitment pack

b.        All schools use the HR portal for recruitment

c.        All our schools are fully staffed

d.        Xavier has a reputation as a good employer



HR committee





We will ensure all staff are part of the Xavier annual appraisal process


a.        Staff  are given positive feedback and feel valued

b.        Development needs are identified for all staff

c.        staff are set realistically aspirational targets



HR committee



Every member of staff will be developed in their role each year a.     Staff   articulate   in   their   appraisal   the support  and development they have received has helped their work  

HR committee





We will provide a comprehensive range of free leadership programmes from NQT to headship

a.       succession plan for leaders in our schools

b.       the next cadre of leaders are identified and developed

c.        retain potential leaders

d.       All schools participate in the leadership development programmes



HR committee






We will develop the role of our governors

a.        All LGC have the right balance of support and challenge

b.        All LGC  are using the Xavier work programme

c.        All LGC hold the headteachers to account

d.        All LGC know their schools strengths and weaknesses

Board meeting



We will provide and annual programme of CPD

a.        Feedback from INSET days is positive

b.        Training is tailored to the needs of schools

c.        All teachers improve their pedagogy each year


HR committee





We will develop a coaching culture across the MAT

a.       A lead coach is  identified and trained in each school

b.       each school has a coaching approach to improving self-awareness and pedagogy

c.        teachers in Xavier are reflective practitioners who support each other


HR committee






We will review the use of LSAs

a.     Children’s needs are met in all schools

b.     Value for money for EHCP funding

c.     SEND children happy and making progress

d.     Pupils moving to secondary schools ready for transition


HR committee




We will provide training for Governors and CofG Can this one be combined with 16 do you think

a.        All governors take a proactive role to support and challenge their schools

b.        Governors are clear about their statutory responsibilities


HR committee


c.     Governors find the right balance of support and challenge of the headteacher



We will train our own teachers

a.        Teach South East expands to include primary

b.        Pre teacher training opportunities are available in all our schools

c.        No of trainees increases each year


HR committee


3 – We will support our schools by providing exceptional central services


What will we do?


What will success look like?


Who will monitor it?




We will have an agreed set of policies regularly reviewed

a.        Reduced workload for Headteachers

b.        Common practice exists across all schools

c.        All policies applied consistently


Relevant committee




We will review the central services provided each year

a.        Schools do not buy services elsewhere

b.        Xavier services are higher quality than all other providers and provide value for money


Board meeting




We will survey schools with view to increasing central services

a.        More services provided centrally

b.        Better quality services for schools providing value for money

c.        All school support the central purchasing


Steering group



We will investigate a common IT platform for all Xavier schools with a view to all moving to the same system a.        A three year plan for the way forward for IT in Xavier

b.        Better value for money


Risk and audit committee




We will write a Xavier IT brief

a.       All schools buy same equipment and save money

b.       No money wasted in individual purchases by non- specialists

c.        Data can be shared across schools


Risk and audit committee




We will seek feedback on the quality of central services

a.        All central staff have 360 appraisal identifying strengths and areas for development

b.        Feedback of all central services is positive and value for money


Steering group


4 – Our Catholicity is at the core of everything we do


What will we do?


What will success look like?


Who will monitor it?






We will ensure that the ethos in all our schools is driven by Christian values which are lived every day

a.       All schools are outstanding in section 48

b.       Positive feedback  supports school ethos

c.        The Catholicity of each school is evident to all visitors

d.       Prayer and worship are at the core of our schools

e.       All staff model Christian values


Board meeting




We will ensure all staff and children have opportunities to grow in their faith

a.       All schools provide spiritual development

b.       All schools have some chaplaincy support

c.        The daily act of worship is central to the working day

d.       All our schools are inclusive


Board meeting



We will share our resources and lessons learnt with other Catholic MATs a.     Xavier is the go to place for support for Catholic schools thinking of setting up a MAT  

Board meeting



We will share resources on prayer and worship and RE curriculum a.     All schools have good resources to help children grow in their faith  

Board meeting



We will increase the number of Catholics joining the SCITT a.        Xavier is the go to place for Catholics wishing to become teachers

b.        Higher proportion of Catholic teachers in our schools


HR committee



We will provide training opportunities that support the Catholic life of the school a.         the catholic leaders course  is full and feedback is positive

b.         a successful INSET day for all staff on spirituality


HR committee



We will continue to provide outstanding pastoral care in all our schools a.       No children leave due to dissatisfaction

b.       Section 48 inspections identify pastoral care as a strength

c.        Children with learning difficulties have their needs met


Board meeting




We will support any local catholic schools that are in difficulty

a.        Immediate support provided to school in trouble

b.        All MAT resources shared with staff

c.        Reports from Ofsted /LA etc. identify support from MAT as a strength


Risk and audit committee



We will investigate an alternative provision for students unable to access mainstream education a.        No permanent exclusions

b.        We serve all the children entrusted to us

c.        We meet the needs of all our children


Risk and audit committee




We will ensure every child feels safe and loved when at school

a.        100% of children have an adult who knows them really well and in whom they trust when in school

b.        Safeguarding procedures are rigorous, embedded and audited regularly


Board meeting



We will maintain strong links with deanery schools outside the MAT a.        We maintain the diocesan family of schools and support each other

b.        We have positive relationships with all schools


Board meeting



We will be proactive in forming good relationships with our parishes, the DASB, RSC and other bodies a.        Strong links with all external bodies

b.        Good links with all parishes


Board meeting


5 – We are financially robust and provide value for money


What will we do?


What will success look like?


Who will monitor it?




We will have a 5 year maintenance plan to upgrade all our schools

a.        All schools are welcoming  learning environments

b.        All schools are well maintained.


Estates committee




We will develop a fair and transparent system for evaluating  building projects


a.        Schools understand when and why decisions are made

b.        Priority is given to the schools most in need


Estates committee




We will work with governors to ensure we place more emphasis on health and safety

a.       All schools are compliant

b.       Schools have a central record for H+S

c.        There is a named member of staff and governor responsible for compliance in each school


Estates committee




We will develop a list of preferred suppliers


a.       All schools get value for money

b.       All condition work is of a high standard


Finance committee




We will support schools with financial modelling and budgeting

a.       All schools are able to set and keep to budget

b.       All schools have an in year balance

c.        There are transparent financial processes in which the Heads and governors have confidence


Finance committee




We will provide benchmarking data for all our schools

a.        Heads and governors have a clear picture of any areas of over and underspend

b.        Heads take action to ensure all areas of spending are within MAT parameters


Risk and audit committee




We will ensure all staff are categorised correctly in the new “surrey family of schools” review

a.        Staff salaries reflect the responsibility they hold

b.        Staff across the MAT are paid the same salary for the same job


HR committee




We will apply for all available funds

a.        The central resources are enhanced

b.        The partnership contribution remains low

c.        The Xavier profile is raised nationally


Board meeting






We will investigate ways to generate income

a.        Schools generate more income from parents

b.        Schools generate more income from bids etc

c.        Schools offer wrap around care wherever possible

d.        All school budgets are enhanced

e.        All gift aid is claimed


Finance committee




We will procure more services centrally

a.       Schools save money

b.       The range of services offered increase each year

c.        The quality of services within schools improve


Finance committee


CPD –continued professional development DASB- Diocesan academy strategic board DfE- Department for education
EHCP-Educational health care plan
INSET-in service training
LA-local authority ( surrey) LGC-local governing committee MAT-multi academy trust
RSC-regional schools commissioner
SCITT-school centred initial teacher training
SEND-special educational needs or disability

6 – We will maintain current levels of service whilst expanding


What will we do?


What will success look like?


Who will monitor it?






We will have a growth strategy

a.        increased by no more than four schools per year

b.        increased by a range of schools each year

c.        conducted a full due diligence on each school wishing to join

d.        Directors have a full and clear picture of all schools wishing to join


Board meeting




We will carry out a full condition survey of each school joining the MAT

a.        Liaised with the diocese to ensure health and safety work completed before joining

b.        Directors are fully aware of the condition of any school joining


Estates committee




We will have a financial model for central services before each school joins


a.        Clear financial picture of the impact of growth

b.        Financially robust end of year forecasts


Finance committee




We will review our central team before an additional  school joins


a.       Level of support maintained for current schools

b.       Appropriate timing of appointments of new staff


Finance committee




We will review the partnership contribution


a.        Meet schools needs at an affordable price

b.        Financially viable central costs


Finance committee




We will review the MAT structures/ steering groups each year


a.        Structures are fit for purpose for size of MAT

b.        All heads and chairs feedback positive


Board meeting