Hi Everyone

Welcome to the Xavier Catholic Education Trust.

At the start of October, the Trust welcomed its 14th school into the Xavier Catholic Education Trust community:  eleven are primary and three are secondary – all in the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton. We have come together to work collaboratively for the benefit of all the children we serve.

The aim of the Trust is to provide the children in our care with the best possible education within a caring and supportive Catholic ethos.

We will support the spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical development of each child, as well as maximising progress, achievement and attainment to ensure their intellectual growth and to fulfil their potential.

Our schools are:

  • Holy Family Catholic Primary School
  • St Hugh of Lincoln Catholic Primary School
  • St Augustine Catholic Primary School
  • St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School
  • St Alban’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Anne’s Catholic Primary School
  • Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School
  • Salesian Catholic Secondary School
  • St John the Baptist Secondary Catholic School
  • The Marist Catholic Primary School
  • St Cuthbert  Mayne Catholic Primary School
  • St Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School
  • St Peter’s Catholic School

Benefits of being part of a Trust

The Trust’s role is multi-faceted and brings many benefits to our community. From the training, development and retention of teachers, support staff and school leaders, to the ability to achieve economies of scale by being part of a larger buying group, the Trust has, at the centre of its mission and purpose, the belief that every child has a right to educational excellence through the provision of high quality teaching.

  • There will be opportunities for staff in all our schools to undertake joint training and share their expertise;
  • We will be able to streamline services and provide them centrally and more cost effectively;
  • We will have the flexibility to buy in services from our own chosen providers;
  • We will be able to share resources across all our schools;
  • We will work together closely and support each other to strengthen our Catholic schools.

In these times of tightening budgets, I believe the schools need all the help they can get to carry out their day-to-day activities.

The Trust is headed up by a Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer with a Board of Directors across Finance, HR and Audit. We are answerable to the individual schools and their Governing Boards with the aim of being fully transparent and accountable in everything we do.

Striving towards excellence together

I have the privilege of being CEO of the Xavier Trust and to coordinate the work of our schools as we strive towards excellence together. Previously I was Head at St John the Baptist School for 23 years.

The Trust takes its role seriously. We believe that as a parent, you are blessed that your child attends a school where they will be cherished, loved and challenged in a setting where everything is underpinned by the Gospel values.

All of our schools are striving for excellence in everything they do. For us good is not enough!

I hope you find the information throughout this website useful. Please contact us on info@xavierCET.org.uk if you have any queries.

Kind regards.

Ani Magill